Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar is an entrepreneur who has more than 20 years’ combined experience in Business Development, Capital Raising, Corporate Operations, General Management & Sales and Marketing.

In 1995 Mr. Kumar joined Direct Buy, a corporation with a vision of liberating consumers from the high cost of retail buying; of allowing consumers to buy goods for their homes at manufacturer direct prices and of restoring to families the opportunity to buy the things they need and want at prices they could afford. During his career,Mr. Kumar’s ability to operate this business and lead a team of sales and service professionals has enabled Direct Buy to see a growth of more than 200 percent in a period of less than eighteen months. Mr. Kumar has received several awards with DirectBuy including the Presidents Club award and the Million Dollar Round table awards.

In May 2006, Mr. Kumar founded PF 30 Canada an Ontario based company which helps deliver proven results for consumers looking to redirect and manage their energy use, while saving money and making their operations more environmentally sustainable. Mr. Kumar through PF 30 has worked with companies like Tim Horton’s, Comfort Inn Hotels, Boston Pizza and the LCBO.

In 2009, Mr. Kumar joined PureRay Corporation as an advisor. PureRay has developed a patent pending self-contained, solar-powered LED lighting system with a charging station and rechargeable bulbs designed for use in the off-grid market and the developing world. One hundred years after the light bulb was invented, 1.6 billion people throughout the world still burn something for their main source of light, every day. PureRay’s goal is to drive that number to ZERO by replacing all fuel-based lighting with a safe and renewable option. In 2011 PureRay pledged to donate 27.5 million dollars of its product at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference.

Mr. Kumar brings extensive relationships with European and Canadian wealth management brokers, portfolio managers and a vast network of high-end net worth private investors. Mr. Kumar has advised or incubated a number of companies in the Canada, UK and India such as PureRay Corporation, Paramount Gold and International Food and Beverage. He takes an active interest in issues related to Cannabis, Fintech, Technology-led innovation, and World Economics.


Dr. Kikani

Dr. Kikani carries a mix of technology and financial expertise; with relevant experience in enterprises within the financial, blockchain, technology and healthcare industry. He possess a strong working knowledge of Networking, Communication, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Blockchain-As-A-Service platform is an aspect close to his heart. Green Technology proffers the environmental well-being.
He is an expert in Multi-jurisdictional payment systems, online digitized banking, cryptocurrency and its role in traditional and modern banking.
He is equally passionate about performance engineering helping the industry to optimize operations through natural capability to map and save time, resources and revenue with existing models.
He engages in speaking, mentoring and writing